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Claims FAQ

How can I intimate a claim to the Company?

We ensure that when you seek guidance during testing times, our representative will stand by your side and assist you to get your claim settled. Please forward the claim documents as required for the type of claim that you are looking to the following mail ID’s;


What documents do I require to file a claim?

Depending on the type of claim, we will require a few documents to process your claim. The below mentioned tabs clearly define the respective claim requirements needed.

  • Group Life Claim
  • Life Claim
  • Non-Motor Claim
  • Credit Life Claim
  • Medical Claim

Where should I submit all my claim documents?

All duly completed claim forms and documents can be submitted to the nearest Muscat Insurance Company SAOG branch office (For branch locations kindly refer list of branches) or couriered directly to our Head Office addressing to Claims Manager, Muscat Insurance Company SAOG, P.O. Box: 72, PC:112, Ruwi, Sultanate of Oman. Alternatively, you can scan and send the list of required documents to our fax no: 22364500 or sent by mail to

How will I know the status of my claim?

You can know the status of your Claim by calling our Dedicated Claims Handler on the number provided in our claims communications or Customer Helpline (22364444) or write to us at