What is the meaning of insurance?

Insurance is a protection against the financial loss arising on the occurrence of an unexpected event. You can avail this protection by paying a premium to an insurance company.

Which policies are available for online renewal/ purchase?

Currently MotorIndividual policies are only available for online renewal / purchase.

Why do I need to insure my vehicle?

Your vehicle is probably one of the most expensive things that you own. Insurance policy protects this asset and help you to compensate the financial loss caused by accidents, damage or theft. Moreover, while driving, you are responsible for the safety of:

  • Yourself and the passengers traveling with you
  • Third-party Driver and Passengers in other vehicles and Pedestrians
  • Third Party property

Insurance helps to cover these possible damages or injuries in case of an unforeseen accident or theft. It is mandatory to have at least a Third-Party Motor Insurance for registering your motor vehicle with Royal Oman Police (ROP).

What is the period of Motor Insurance policies?

Currently Motor Online Insurance Policies are available online for a one-year period only.

Can I renew my car insurance policy online?

Yes, you can renew your car insurance policy online, anytime with in 60 days before the expiry of your existing policy. In case your vehicle insurance policy has already expired, we will consider the policy as break-in and will need our surveyor/underwriter to inspect the vehicle, before policy issuance. The policy would only be issued subject to a satisfactory inspection and submission or required documents.

What are the benefits of buying Motor Insurance online?

When you buy Motor Insurance online, you get an instant policy, as there is no documentation or paperwork involved. In addition, you have the advantage of choosing from multiple payment options e.g. Credit or Debit Card (Visa & Master) etc.

What are the various types of vehicle that I can insure online?

Currently only Private Car can be insured online.

How can I purchase a policy with MIC Online system?

If you are a new customer click on the “Get Quote” and for an existing customer login with your credentials. For Brand new Vehicle insurance select the Option “NEW” and for Renewal and Break-in insurance select “Used/Rollover”.

Your data for the ID Card and Vehicle details are fetched from the respective regulatory services. In case if the same is not found or retrieved from the data service, you can enter the same manually.

What is an additional benefit?

An additional benefit is an add on cover provided as per the unified motor insurance policy guidelines as per the policy types that is being selected/applicable to you/your vehicle. Additional premium will be charged as applicable based on the benefit selected.

What is an endorsement?

An endorsement is a written evidence of an agreed change in the policy. It is a document that incorporates changes in the terms of the policy. Additional premium will charged as applicable.

What is the validity period of my quotation & Proposal?

The quote will be valid for the period of 7 days from the quote issue date.